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KCB16000 Type Internal Gear Pump

 KCB16000 Internal Gear Pump

KCB-type internal gear pump is applied for conveying non-corrosive solid particles and fibers, temperature no higher than 80 ℃, used for transferring lubricants and liquid with viscosity of 5×10-6 ~ 1.5×10-3m2 /s (5-1500cSt).

This internal gear pump is for conveying non-corrosive liquid including diesel fuel, lubricating oil, vegetable oil, applied in heavy equipment for use in power plants, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, and mining industries. transfusion oil medium, pressure, fuel injection and other large machinery and equipment as well as dilute the oil cycle, can be done in various types of machinery and equipment lubrication pump use.

KCB internal gear pump also can be used in the oil transfer system, booster pump; also can be used as fuel pump in the fuel system, applied for transmission, pressure compression, fuel injection, etc. For industrial areas, it can be used as lube pump.

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