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YCB-G Type Internal Gear Pump

 YCB-G Internal Gear Pump

The type pump is internal gear pump can be used for transport liquid as asphalt, heavy duty oil, chemical detergent, isocyanides, soap, sludge, latex the temperature liquid, glue and the those material is solid under the room temperature.

This internal gear pump is only used to transfer the lower 300 degree centigrade of liquid temperature.
We can make new designing installation for the pump used extremely cold outside and its working processes according the customers required
When the viscosity of liquid is higher than 1500cSt, the speed of pump should be reduced.

1. The gear of the gear pump is designed with arc shape for transferring the liquid when it the gear turning, the liquid placement is uniform,
2. The gear pump has, displacement is 25 m3/h, pressure difference is 0.6mpa,
3. The gear pump has thermal isolation layer which can keep and change the pump temperature like heating or cooling by changing the layer’s temperatures.

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