NYP Thermal Rotary Pumps, Thermal Pumps

 Thermal Rotary Pump

NYP thermal pump is designed for transferring substance like polymer, organic material ,which have viscosity properties, these pumps can be used petroleum refinery, chemical material transferring, coating powder, paint, grease, medical manufacturing, food, beverage, asphalt, rubber, PA,PB,PC,PE,PS,HIPS,ABS,PP,PET,PVA
1. The pump heating section is depended on customer requirements, it can be put on the head of the pump, body or cavity of the pump,
2. The heating sac is casted one piece with the pump body,
3. By steam or hot oil injected to heat the media, and the insulation layer to be able to keep the temperature,
4. The same way used when the pump need to be cooling,
5. The thermal pump have simple design, the exchange inner parts and maintain the pumps are simple and easy,
6. The all the parts of the thermal pumps are tempered for hardening the pump, make the pumps have long service life,
7. Use the multi- packing seals, make the seal have strong heat resistance.

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