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IS Water Centrifugal Pump, Water Pumps

 Water Centrifugal Pump

These pumps are used to transfer water and like water material, the pumps are self –priming pumps

Technical Data

1. All pumps with letters-IS made in Laifu are used for water, they are water pumps.
2. We have 34 classes of pumps, which are separated 242 kinds of water pump, customers have lots of choices to have the proper the water pumps.

IS Water Pumps Basic data of
Displacement: Q = 5.2 - 400m3/h
Head of delivery: H = 3.5 - 125m
Material temperature T = 0 - +80℃

Explanation of " IS125 - 80 - 160A(J)"
"IS" means water pumps --
"125" inlet diameter (mm)
"80" outlet diameter (mm)
"160" amount of impellers
"A,B,C" means the impeller incision times
"Z" means out-diameter
"J" means designed rotate speed

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