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NYP High Viscosity Magnetic Rotary Pump

 High Viscosity Magnetic Rotary Pump

1. Laifu company , offers magnetic drive rotary pumps, magnetic rotary pumps have the property of cooling and lubricating to pump by the transferred media, so the magnetic pump avoid no-loading working circumstance, it increase the efficient of pump working.
2. With the screen filtration fixed on the inlet mouth, the particle in media transferred will be filtered out; the ferrous material is selected by magnet screening machine.
3. The pumps working circumstance temperature should not higher than 40℃
4. These magnetic pumps have self-priming, for the same diameters of outer and inner rotators the pumps have, the same torques the rotators have, the magnetic pump have long service life.

Laifu has many years of manufacturing industrial pumps such as internal gear pumps, centrifugal pumps ,screw pumps, and other industrial pumps.

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