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 Magnetic Gear Pump

The magnetic gear pumps sometimes be used in chemicals to transfer liquid an fiber medias without solid particles, the magnetic pumps can be used the temperature no higher than 250℃,the range of viscosity is 5~1500cst,we can offer the stainless steel magnetic pumps for transferring medias have corrosion, and to be used to transfer foods and soft-drinks.
1. The magnetic pump can be used pipeline for transporting and increase the pressures
2. Can be use the fuel oil ,diesel oil, kerosene oil transferring , the pump as increase pressure pumps,
3. Can be as the hydraulic pumps to provide the hydraulic power
4. Can be used on the machines or equipment to lubricate the machines as lubrication pumps

The magnetic pumps are arc shape gear pumps, points touch between two gears when they carry the media flow, so these magnetic pumps work quiet and smooth and with uniform displacement.
Displacement: 0.6m 3 /H ~ 80m 3 /H
Maximum press: 0.6MPa
The maximum temperature: < 250℃.
The parts of working the pump are lubricated by the media transferred,
The safe valve offer the overloading protection
The permanent magnet are used on the magnetic pumps

We are Chinese leading industrial pumps, offering internal gear pumps, centrifugal pumps, screw pumps with cast iron, stainless steel, or corrosive resistance to make different industrial pumps to be widely used industries.

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