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Company Profile

Since 1998, Laifu company has started manufacturing various industrial pumps, till today our company has already manufactured numerous pumps in kinds of gear pumps, centrifugal pumps, screw pumps, magnetic pumps, rotary pumps, and accumulated lots experience and knowledge of manufacturing quality pumps.

We have reliable production resource of making pumps such as steel, cast facilities, machining equipment, skilled people here, especially the company creator, Mr Huang, had worked more than 20 years as a general engineer for state- own pump company before he created Laifu the pump company, as expert of industrial pumps to establish the industrial pump company, most of the reasons is "How to do high quality pumps".

For meeting the global market, we have applied and gained some proofs and certificates for entering the different country market need, they are to be including ISO9001-2000, CE etc.

We changed the some pump designed for increasing the pump working efficient, and strictly selected all the material used to make the different industrial pumps.

Laifu company is located Botou town in Hebei province, where is near Tianjin city and has big sea international port, it offers the lower cost of international shipping, we have more than 160 staff to manufacture various pumps for the huge market.